Tea & Dairy House

Below the main house, hidden behind a lush hillside, sits the Tea and Dairy House, a rustic, two-story building constructed using the same stonework as selected for the Roman pool, topped with a black, glazed-tile roof. Charles Greene designed it at the request of Bella Fleishhacker, who wanted a small pavilion to serve tea. It also became a working dairy house, as well as a place for picnics and family gatherings along the woodland creek.

A curved outside stairway leads to the cool cellar kitchen where once upon a time, dairy maids churned butter, and stored milk and cream provided by the estate’s own cows, back when residents of Green Gables were fed by a small farm. It was a perfect farm-to-table arrangement: first floor tea parties, with the cream and butter coming from just downstairs.
The remote, fairy-tale-like structure is still a lovely place to enjoy the woodland sounds as you sip tea, meditate, or lay down your yoga mat.