An Architectural Masterpiece In Nature's Finest Setting

A truly extraordinary estate at the center of Silicon Valley
where man’s and nature’s best are brilliantly on display


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Please use the map above to explore the 74 acre property’s seven homes, celebrated gardens and grounds. Click on the green icons to learn more.

The Making of a Great Estate

Green Gables is truly an extraordinary estate.  The combination of man’s and nature’s best are brilliantly on display throughout this 74-acre, Woodside California property, which has remained intact since its inception in 1911. The creation of Mortimer Fleishhacker, a highly successful San Francisco businessman, at the heart of Green Gables rests its magnificent main residence and gardens that remain home to this day for the Fleishhacker family.

Soon after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Mortimer, whose investments included a power company, a paper box company, and a chemical company, and who eventually became one of the nation’s leading bankers, decided he wanted to create for his family a summer home in the country and began buying property, eventually totaling 74 acres, in the heart of Woodside, California. Fleishhacker hired architect Charles Sumner Greene, who with his brother Henry Mather Greene was among the most acclaimed architects of the Arts and Crafts movement, to design his estate.

Green Gables’ unique and historic presence in the Silicon Valley region has bestowed on it traditions and legacies that have made it a cherished residential landmark. The estate has long been a gathering place for global dignitaries including European royalty, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, business leaders, and creative luminaries. In 1965, the United Nations selected Green Gables as the site for its 20th anniversary commemoration gala.

Even while futuristic technologies are being developed across Silicon Valley, Green Gables remains an enduring connection to a pioneering California of long ago. It’s a bridge between then and now, a property steeped in Bay Area lore, created by a prominent San Francisco entrepreneur and sustained by generations of his family.  It bears the stamp of three blue-ribbon architects and an influential interior designer. Today, the estate offers an unparalleled breadth of homes, natural habitats, and lands for enjoyment, relaxation, and development.

An Idyllic Garden Setting

Remarkably expansive grounds combine a mix of formal gardens surrounding the main house
with natural woodlands filled with native California shrubs and flowers.

The Ultimate Family Compound

Green Gables is an optimal location for a family compound.  Here is the opportunity to establish an ancestral heirloom on the grandest of scales: a completely private, small-town neighborhood — directly adjacent to one of the most celebrated areas in the world – Silicon Valley.  This is a place to make extraordinary, enduring memories for generations to come.  The exceptional experience of Green Gables is unrivaled, perhaps anywhere else in the world.

The estate has seven homes, each nestled in its own private setting. The Main House was designed by Greene and Greene with interiors by Elsie de Wolfe. Noteworthy among the other six homes is a lovely 1930s home designed by acclaimed Modernist architect William Wurster. The estate is also home to a stunning Roman Pool, three swimming pools, including the first free-form pool in California, a tennis court, orchards, a beautiful stone tea and dairy house and a glorious vegetable and flower garden.

Nature flourishes on the property year-round; the geography and climate of Green Gables are enviable on a world-class scale. The Mediterranean climate means mild weather all year, from snow-less winters, with temperatures ranging 60°F (16°C) to 36°F (2°C), to dry summers with temperatures ranging 88°F (31°C) to 51°F (11°C). Geographically, Green Gables is nestled between the San Francisco Bay to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Santa Cruz Mountains separate it from the ocean, creating a natural barrier to the Bay Area fog.

The sustainability of the property is assured through a 50,000-square-foot reservoir, sourced by an underground spring and winter runoff.  Measuring 20 feet at its depth, it furnishes water for over 90% of the estate’s irrigation needs.

A Rare and Vast Landholding

The location of this property at the center of Silicon Valley, its size, and its provenance
further distinguish Green Gables as a truly unique offering.

The Definitive Private Estate

One of the most remarkable aspects of Green Gables is its expansive grounds, which combine a mix of formal gardens surrounding the main house and natural woodlands filled with native California shrubs and flowers. Majestic old-growth trees abound at Green Gables, including oaks, giant redwoods, blue spruce, Monterey pines, and eucalyptus.

Two private roads and wooded trails wind through the verdant lands, perfect for riding, biking and exploration. Closer to the main house, the Camperdown Elm Allée is a striking avenue of meticulously pruned lane of elms and is considered one of the finest exemplars of its kind. Elsewhere, large flower and vegetable gardens provide a wonderful bounty for the estate, from dahlias and roses for the vase, to tomatoes, onions, peppers, and all manner of herbs for the table. In a state where water supplies can be of concern, Green Gables is blessed with its own expansive reservoir, which independently serves the estate’s irrigation needs.

Its 74-acre expanse is virtually unrivaled in the region, and while the estate offers complete privacy and natural beauty, yet is only 20 minutes from San Francisco International Airport while Stanford University is just ten minutes away.

A Legacy and Opportunity

An unrivaled, oasis is the perfect address for a visionary steward who will
value its beauty, grace as well as its many natural gifts

The Perfect Corporate Retreat

One of the finest future uses of Green Gables could involve its potential transformation from private residence to the ultimate corporate retreat / executive education center. With a legacy that was born from the vision and dreams of one of Northern California’s pioneer founding families who arrived in San Francisco with the Gold Rush of 1849 and have helped to shape the area’s civic and business culture ever since, Green Gables may indeed represent a once in a generation opportunity to create a unique center for learning and development along with an unparalleled setting for corporate entertainment and executive housing.

Over the past decade, with the inexorable growth of Silicon Valley, Green Gables has become the discreet destination for some of the world’s most prominent corporations for a multitude of uses including “skunk works” product development, corporate entertainment, short-term executive housing, as well as executive brainstorming sessions.

Green Gables offers an inspirational setting for one to learn, strategize, socialize, exercise and of course reside.  As one journeys up the long driveway with its low, fieldstone walls, curving through a park-like, private forest, senses come alive. A symphony of crickets, frogs, and bluebirds replaces the noise of traffic; the spicy scent of eucalyptus fills the air.

When one’s guests and/or colleagues take in their first view of the main residence, they feel transformed to a thoughtful time and a place of scale and beauty that fosters endless inspiration. Green Gables reminds us that there is still a haven in our over-scheduled modern world to reflect, relax and feel safe.  Yet in this case just twenty minutes from San Francisco’s international airport and fifteen minutes from Stanford University and the heart of Silicon Valley.

An Estate in Evolution

Green Gables offers a range of intriguing options as highlighted with renderings
by Fregus Garber Architects

A Future Vision

When considering the incredible assets, extraordinary acreage and myriad of spaces which are already present at Green Gables today, it could seem frivolous to focus on what its future might hold.

Nevertheless, the estate has a profound history of transition and expansion which commenced within a decade of its inception in the early 1900’s.  In addition to important expansions of the main house, three additional homes were added while others have been quite significantly remodeled.  Indeed, Green Gables has always been an estate in evolution and its next owner may wish to seize upon the opportunity to place his/her personal mark on this remarkable property.

Over the years the Fleishhacker family has considered a myriad of exciting expansion opportunities as new generations have sought to maximize their enjoyment of the estate and as lifestyles and tastes evolve with the times.  They graciously decided to share some of their thinking and ideas so as to illustrate for prospective new owners just a few of the many ways that Green Gables might once again be transformed for its next century of ownership.

Whether it continues as an extended Family Compound, a tranquil Private Estate or potentially even a Corporate Retreat, Green Gables offers a range of intriguing opportunities to create a number of personalized and extraordinary living experiences.  The nationally acclaimed Garden Conservancy’s conservation easement, granted in 2003, was carefully crafted in such a way that the estate’s natural buffer and historic gardens are preserved while still allowing for many enhancements and changes to the many assets of the estate.  Outlined below and highlighted visually with renderings artfully developed in collaboration between the esteemed architects Fergus Garber and the Fleishhacker family, are just a few of the estate improvement and alteration options which they have considered.